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Bokeem Woodbine as Rensin
Meg Foster as Chloe's Aunt
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by benj-20839 3 / 10

High expectations cus of reviews and i love a good b-movie but this turned out to be a boring one.

I really felt conned by the halfway point of this, from then on i kept thinking that i'd rather have waited for it to come to TV instead of wasting time and money on it.

From what i just watched, its not the "fun, original, scary, gory, inventive thrill-ride, maximum shock value, insane" film its been reviewed to be. Definitely NOT scary or gore filled, and with the $38 million budget you'd have expected A LOT more!

The opening 5-10 minutes the reviews have been raving about was ok, its not an opening that would warrant a cinema visit, it ain't no Saving Private Ryan, Edge Of Tomorrow, etc battle scene, as it's over in a flash, roughly 1 or 2 minutes of action, pretty much whats in the trailer and the rest is characters chatting! Then it quickly slows to its meandering pace, with been-there-done-that scenes with added cheese and cliche characters, which start to wear your hopes for a fun big budget B-movie way he f down. I just became bored and just hoped for an outstanding action filled and creative finale to win me over. But NO, the ending is just standard gun play, explosions and one fight that's over way too soon and that's your lot! I would have been satisfied if it had maybe matched an exciting Expendable's type finaly as it was a similar premise.

It's a film that never takes its idea's far enough, never too crazy or too gory but just a very controlled and safe 18 certificate B-movie. And it's a movie that mostly relies on the stupidity/naivety of its lead character to make the plot move forward. If you're after a subtle b-movie then this may be for you

I was really looking forward to this because i'd read really good things, and i missed Slaughterhouse Rulez cus of this.

An episode of the Walking Dead is more exciting, gripping, tense and fun.

Check it out and make up your own mind up but i've given you a heads up. I didn't expect the grindhouse style of Planet Terror with Overlord but Planet Terror was a great fun big budget B-movie!!

Reviewed by kellvallon 3 / 10

Disappointing at best.

I was very excited for this movie when I saw the previews for it. Unfortunately the advertising was much better than the actual film. If your looking for a good ww2 nazi horror film this is not it. Go play one of the Castle Wolfenstein games instead. Atleast they had better characters and story. With this you dont get any character development. The characters are not likeable and the story is vague. My recommendation is wait till it's on Netflix. This movie is not worth the price of admission.

Reviewed by dlbearcave-2 2 / 10

I hoped for more...

I heard so much about this film that I went into it with high expectations. The opening 1/3 of the movie was a cliche per minute and almost totally ripped off from "Band of Brothers" Plus it was loaded with unrealistic things like black men serving in mixed race units, and a mixed unit with a black sergeant. These things never would have happened, it just wasn't done at that time. I started wondering if I was seeing the right movie.

So once the horror part of the movie began I noticed it was again ripped off, this time from "Return To Castle Wolfenstein". Very little of it was even slightly surprising, since I played the game all the way through 15 yrs ago.

I found it to be unoriginal, unrealistic and predictable. I guess it's just me. 2 stars at best.

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